What Visa Should You Apply For?

If you don't already know what visa you should apply for, here's a short video to explain the difference between the two visas.



Cascais, Portugal

“Expats Everywhere was incredible! Without using their service, I really don't think we would have been accepted. There is so much misinformation out there and the entire process can be very confusing! They were extremely responsive and really handheld us through the process. I cannot thank them enough!”

Elaine and Duncan

Lisbon, Portugal

“This course was exactly what we needed as we had four months from start to move. The steps are outlined in detail and chronologically on point. We watched the videos over and over to make sure we didn’t miss any points and appreciated Kalie’s advice to not stress. We also used their recommendations to use Bordr for obtaining our NIFs which was a fast and easy process. Thanks, Josh and Kalie, for providing this comprehensive DIY program at such a reasonable price.”

Tim & Caleb

Porto, Portugal

"It's a great way to keep you organized as you gather all the documents that are required. Anyone who uses the course can move at his or her own pace, and it allows the freedom to go back and review at any time. Everything in the course is presented in easy to understand language and easy to follow steps."


Estoril, Portugal

OMG…just let me say many many thanks to Kalie and Josh from Expats Everywhere for creating a DIY D7 course for getting through the visa process. I insisted on applying for the D7 visa myself instead of hiring a relocation specialist and because of them…I had the smoothest experience getting approved. They guided me step by step from gathering documents, helping with getting our NIFs and Bank Accounts, Apartment searching, and even how to cope with leaving our friends and loved ones. Anytime I had a question, I just emailed Kalie and she was more than happy to answer. I tell people on facebook now that they can totally go through the visa process themselves by taking Expat Everywhere’s DIY D7 Visa course. It is the best!


Vilamoura, Portugal

IF I CAN DO IT... SO CAN YOU I'm happy to share my personal experience and heartfelt thanks to Josh and Kalie for producing their class on how to exactly, step by step, manage and execute the process of obtaining your D7 visa for relocating to Portugal from the U.S. Many people my age are just plain scared to tackle this process and yes, even though it was stressful at times, it certainly doesn't require retaining a lawyer from a foreign land to ensure your success. Kalie's diligence in keeping detailed records and notes throughout their own D7 visa process while in Florida, in addition to her time management skills, set her on the path to produce the best, most straightforward and easy to understand "how to obtain a Portuguese D7 Visa Youtube class", that's beyond affordable and easy to follow. She even gave us tips and suggestions on where to find little necessities along the way, like where to purchase money orders inexpensively. She removes all the guesswork out of it.


Cascais, Portugal

I love the videos that Expats Everywhere puts out & have gotten invaluable help from you guys while making my decision to move to Portugal. When you mentioned the D7 visa course, I thought it would be a good way to get some help and also to support you guys. I am so happy that I signed up for the course. I loved the step-by-step instructions and I really appreciated being able to send an email with all my questions and knew that I would get an answer almost immediately. It was very comforting to have you with me along my process of applying for the visa. The week by week course made the whole process so much more comfortable and easy to follow. I also appreciated all of the help and the support with getting my cats to Portugal. I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who is applying for a D7 visa to Portugal. Obrigada!!!


Porto, Portugal Q3 2023

"Fantastic courses! The Moving to Portugal Guide for the D7 was easy to follow and chock full of useful, accurate information. It made the whole process manageable and smooth, and I was able to DIY the D7 application process with success on the first try. The Living in Portugal Guide is also fantastic. It helped me navigate getting my feet on the ground with essential services and practical tips. I recommend these courses to anyone who is thinking of immigrating to Portugal. Hands down, ExpatEverywhere's materials are thorough and truly helpful."

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This step-by-step video guide with action items, checklists, and resources is designed to save you time, money, and stress so you can enjoy the process of moving to Portugal.